This Thursday Dec 9th, KAYNE and DRAKE have collaborated for a one night performance to help bring awareness to the cruel and over burdensome extreme punishment of six life sentences set down on Larry Hoover. Only 23 at the time of his arrest, Larry Hoover is now 71, has spent 48 years in prison, for the murder of a neighborhood drug dealer and conspiracy charges. A six life sentence is the equivalent of 150 to 200 years in prison. 
Both DRAKE and KANYE have put their competitive nature aside in hopes to help not only Free Hoover but his son as well hopes his father can somehow bring the youth together in Chicago to finally stop the unjustified killings and bring respect back to a lost and otherwise long forgotten community. 
While this feat is far from easy to achieve the Chicago area could use something to celebrate, something to bring hope, something to lift their spirits. A redemptive quality not just from one man's release but for many who have only seen their leaders either die on the streets or die in prison. 
Larry Hoover, from a far, has been a voice of reason and a wealth of wisdom not only to his family, some of which have never touched our seen him in decades due to restrictions placed within his sentencing, but his wisdom has reached much further than just family.
Larry Hoover Jr and J Prince helped bring the two mega artist together to host the show everyone has been waiting to see. The show can be seen for free by those who have Amazon Prime and will be aired Live at IMAX theaters. 
In a time when there are those who are still walking around freely,  after inciting an attack on our Nation's Capitol and are currently still pushing lies to continue in their efforts to overthrow democracy. It seems only right to free a man that could possibly bring peace to this struggling to get it right community, after serving almost fifty years in prison.

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