Kayne and Drake Release Battle of the Century

Well, this week Champagne Papi aka Certified Lover Boy released his long-awaited album just one week after Kayne released DONDA. We are still waiting to collect the data on just how wide Drake's reach is with this one. Its timing couldn't be more perfect though. We're at the start of Cuffing Season and must say, this album is a Drake classic. Emotional, emotionless tracks with one or two club bangers in the mix. And to be expected, it hosts more than a few collaborations with other top artists of the day. A few of the tracks seem to be sneak disses at his nemesis Ye, but by now that’s to be expected. The production also features tracks that appear to be a new sound for Drake. Overall, I would say his newest production is a success, and will undoubtedly get its usual rotation from DJs across the country.
Now on to the DONDA release.
Just a week ago, Kanye West released his long await DONDA album. One can't help always comparing Kanye's newest works with his previous ones, and this feels and seems to be his biggest. Shattering the current charts globally at its #1 position (again, globally!!!), DONDA is likely his greatest release yet, and that is saying quite a lot considering his body of work already has what many consider to be All Time Hip-Hop Classic albums. DONDA's sublime, pristine, raw, deep bass and synthetic sounds, set against the modern-day theatrical vibe, are all vintage Kanye the Producer. I don’t think it’s a stretch to admit many of us waited for this with bated breath, the doubt was real. Would the incomparable genius lyricist we fell in love with, seemingly distracted from his craft in recent years, once again return to the mic with the same substance that made him so iconic? Would his newest album live up to our expectations, the hype? DONDA does that and much more.

  While all of us can unbiasedly admit to his impact within Hip-Hop over the years, not many could fathom just how he would bring the New Ye successfully to the masses, knowing his plan now to proudly display his spiritual growth in his music. Without losing any edges, it’s clear he has done it, and will easily maintain the base he built over the past decade, even add to it. In all honesty, historically, this feat has never truly been accomplished. Well folks, he did that. DONDA (his mother's name) is and will be listened to from generations to generations. Yes, he’s up against a juggernaut in Drake's Certified Lover Boy, but these two artists are just not on the same level – and not merely from a spiritual perspective, but also from a production level.

Even with all his marketing pull, impressive numbers and following, Drake’s admittedly good release can’t come close to what DONDA's impact will do and be going forward in the music realm. Today, YEZUS sits upon the Throne, and after this I'm not sure how anyone but God and himself can remove him.

We have seen many things from different artists, but never one in a live performance sitting calmly on fire. As if the Son of Man had composed this visual for us all as a reminder of His protection and more than that, His swagger. We have heard many producers hold the crowds with the finest precision, but this album is not just a club banger, it’s an instantly addictive soundtrack that burns every day and every second in Kanye's mind, full of theatrical overlays on top of the dirtiest bass sounds that come from the mud that raised him.

Sorry Drake, this "battle" was over before you laid your first track. Next time, ask 50, or at least just hold on to it until the next season. But also know there is a clear benefit for you here. During this time of reflection, turn up the DONDA and feel amazingly better. Head up Butter Cup.

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