Kayne West Insane Genius?

  The version of Yeezy you like, whether it's the old one or the new one, the Rap God or the Fashion Mogul, the quiet one or the rude one, the spiritual one or the secular one, are all one and the same. It's our minds that are conditioned to compartmentalize people. We automatically place people into whatever box we initially see them in.He alone hasn't suffered from this. If I say the name Michael Angelo, immediately your mind thinks of the Sistine Chapel or The Creation of Adam paintings. But if I told you he was just as dominant an Architect and even a Sculptor before those paintings, today's overwhelming population wouldn't know this. Imagine if he never created...

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FRIENDS 25th Anniversary

This America TV series was one of the all time greats. I found Wikipedia's thoughts on the show hilarious. "Three young men and three young women -- of the BFF kind -- live in the same apartment complex and face life and love in New York. They're not above sticking their noses into one another's business and swapping romantic partners, which always leads to the kind of hilarity average people will never experience 😏 -- especially during breakups." That never happens, only everyday. Before social media took over FRIENDS was reflecting even today's climate of relationships and culture. They brilliantly captured the complexities of our common thoughts and interactions not just with immediate friends but also outside characters we encounter...

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AfroBeat Take Over?

Afro Beats has slowly, but very persistently, been climbing the international charts for a few years now. Artist like Kidi, Davido and others have broken through to the main stream audience and are now played in clubs on the global sense. While it's hard to determine if this will become a normal occurrence, I will say they've made a lasting impression. The sound is almost a blend of today's R&B and Island Caribbean Calypso. It is both relaxing and somehow inspires you to dance. When I hear this style in the clubs, I find myself drifting away to a warmer welcoming place of contentment and solace. I for one, hope AfroBeats will continue its expansion to finally receive the recognition...

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