Much of my childhood was spent during the phenomenon that would become today's global cultural evolution. In the early 80s, rap took off, with icons like the SugarHill Gang, Fab Five Freddy, Kurtis Blow, and Whodini at the helm. Their gift to rap was their presence, and the music was full of flavor. But even so, as a kid I never could take them seriously as artists. Their delivery didn't match their appearance. Men wearing shiny open chested shirts, the glitter, sounding tough, just didn't appeal to me. But soon, that appearance would change. Entered in world renounced Fashion Designer, Harlem's Own Dapper Dan. Dapper Dan started working with all the hottest artist. Such as the Fat Boys, LL Cool J,...

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Isabella: Evening Mr.B, First thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview with you. With that said let's get started. Mr.B: Cassie Let's do it! Isabella: Could you tell us when you started BMA and why?  Mr.B: Well really we have only just begun. We shot out the gates in 2011 with a small casting looking for new talent and never looked back. Our mission from the beginning was to set a standard of professionalism for the massive amount of talent in the three regions we've targeted DC, San Francisco Francisco Area and Miami. These areas are flooded with talent with no real professional representation. Either they were fighting to make a name for themselves or they signed with an agency that has locked them into a long term contract that offers them little to no...

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Is Hippie the New Bougie?

    There is a silent movement pushing through the fashion culture. A move that moves gracefully and yet it is as big as the ocean itself. From Brooklyn to Bangkok, the top of the Eiffel Tower to the Valley. A culture has been building momentum and now has taking over, so subtle yet timeless.It has been around since the beginning. Overlooked, misunderstood devalued by the industry's elite not anymore. The lazy look has officially taken over. I stepped into an extremely high end mall today. I love shopping more than you. Yes you and I will fight you for that last dress. Oh and you will lose, I digress. As I continue to walk I came up on a newly opened store and to my pleasure there was loose...

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