On April 25th, 2019, the Maryland-National Capital Parks & Planning Commission's Natural & Historical Resource Division, as part of their “Legends and Legacy” series, hosted the “Black Women in Politics: Shattering the Glass Ceiling" discussion at the Oxon Hill Manor in suburban Maryland.I was fortunate enough to receive an invite, where I listened to some of the D.C. region’s most prominent female leaders speak first-hand on their struggles working in a male-dominated arena and of too many unnecessary hurdles imposed upon them for simply being women. So rather then going over each of their policy accomplishments, I thought it extremely important to highlight the underlining theme of how they overcame these struggles and the outcome to not only represent themselves, but us all. First...

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Puerto Rico on Sept 17th 2017, suffered the worst natural disaster covering the entire island in possibility its history. As a result, the total infrastructure basically collapsed. To put this in perspective, no power for months, no water for weeks and no phones stretching across 2.2 million acres of land impacting approximately 3.6 million people. Phones wouldn't normally make this list. But on an island communicating within the island for necessary logistics and/or off the island is both critical and essential. That first week families waited desperately to hear if their loved ones were still alive. While everything was unclear to the outside world, things became crystal clear for those on the island. We are all we have. Even today...

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"Unfaithfully Yours"

One may think the issue of infidelity is a major crisis of unseen proportions. The fact is this behavior is as old as relationships themselves. Unfaithfulness isn't new nor are the specific issues causing it. So basically we just suck at them. We start out infatuated and end up infuriating. Same sex relationships are not excluded from these lapses of shortcomings. No one is immune to heart ache and no one is immune to the lack of focus relationships require. Unfaithfulness bares many fruits, lack of respect, trust, passion, harmony. While these are the fruits the root of the problem is, being unhappy but the seeds are little acts of being unfaithful. A stare too long, a smile, the touch...

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