Is Hippie the New Bougie?



There is a silent movement pushing through the fashion culture. A move that moves gracefully and yet it is as big as the ocean itself. From Brooklyn to Bangkok, the top of the Eiffel Tower to the Valley. A culture has been building momentum and now has taking over, so subtle yet timeless.It has been around since the beginning. Overlooked, misunderstood devalued by the industry's elite not anymore. The lazy look has officially taken over. I stepped into an extremely high end mall today. I love shopping more than you. Yes you and I will fight you for that last dress. Oh and you will lose, I digress. As I continue to walk I came up on a newly opened store and to my pleasure there was loose floral print with low cuts cleavage blouse and loosely knitted tops, in this mall? Let me get a closer look , maybe today I will buy something from one of these stores that isn't a monthly mortgage price, Yay me! I walked with my head held high and eyes wide open. My inner hippie has found a home, here of all places! I looked in amazement at all the pieces. Touched the fabrics to my face and thought oh my god its not from a thrift store. It's brand new, heaven. Short shorts, beads, silk spring like scarfs and real leather bags. Yesssss Ok let me see what I want to leave with today. I spot this beautiful blouse and find my size (don't you dare ask the size) and hold it up against my person. Looking in the mirror, I smile and sigh in a moment of bliss. I begin to head to the register as I grab the tag and shout "WTF $220! Who is responsible for the prostitution of my beloved inner filthy hippie!!!" Omg when did the fashion industry secretly plot to make this Hippie, Bougie? I left the store instantly huffing and stomping my feet. Straight to sulk and sip my sorrows away in a Venti Smores Frappuccino smh. How life has changed. Long live the free spirit and fashion of the true hippies. 

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