Isabella: Evening Mr.B, First thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview with you. With that said let's get started.

Mr.B: Cassie Let's do it!

Isabella: Could you tell us when you started BMA and why? 

Mr.B: Well really we have only just begun. We shot out the gates in 2011 with a small casting looking for new talent and never looked back. Our mission from the beginning was to set a standard of professionalism for the massive amount of talent in the three regions we've targeted DC, San Francisco Francisco Area and Miami. These areas are flooded with talent with no real professional representation. Either they were fighting to make a name for themselves or they signed with an agency that has locked them into a long term contract that offers them little to no exposure. On a personal level, I started BMA so my daughters and grand daughters won't have to deal with the nonsense and garbage that is so commonly found within the industry.

Isabella: But why would they choose BMA? What is it that you’re offering differently? 

Mr.B: One huge difference is they remain freelance models, with us still representing them. I know it sounds to good to be true. But we’re are in the business to build relationships. We offer them the highest level of photography, creativity, designers, make up artist that are available at no cost and in most cases they receive payment for these initial shoots, while just starting to build their portfolios. Everyone involved brings their A game. Whether it ’s for a social media advertising campaign or a magazine article piece or commercial advertising. The final product is what we push for. 

Isabella: Ok, so wait a minute. If your offering them everything for free how does BMA make money?
Mr.B: First let me say it won't always be this way. This is designed on purpose to build a formidable community within the industry, that all of our models will be recognized throughout the industry. That's the why we do it, but now I'll tell you where our funding comes from. Our funding comes from our clients that seek our services, such as Marketers and Advertisers. We believe in our production to the fullest. This is another reason why we do it the way we do. Our final products are both meeting global magazine requirements when it comes to resolution and the "it" factor, as well as our video commercials. Which are of the highest quality and the sickest conceptually. We push the envelope from the creative side to the edge of the limits of sensuality and remain stylish, classic and timelessly relevant. From an advertising aspect you never lose with us. Our pieces can be used forever. How many advertising campaigns can say that? We offer brands the freedom to give us their vision and let us bring it to life. Usually so vivid, I've seen some cry.
Isabella: So you're more than just representation for models?
Mr.B: Oh yes! Our main function is to take a brand's vision, with their spirit, and make it unforgettable to whomever they are desiring to reach. As I was saying, the creativity of our team is worth all the tea in China and Britain put together. We have a saying that has established the standard we set at any promotional event, “When you see Bella, you know it.”
Isabella: Well looking at your past work and today's production, you seem to be meeting that standard. I will say I’ve enjoyed sitting in your session today and thank you for allowing me to do so. 
Mr.B: Anytime man, Cassie. We have an open door policy here. You're always welcome. 

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