Running from the virus with my woes!

Does anyone remember when dealing with the coronavirus meant watching Joe Exotic and baking banana or sour dough bread? Well, the ‘rona turned not only The Tiger King, but all of 2020 into a complete shit show, didn’t it? And now, after being quarantined for the past 7 months you’d think it couldn’t get any worse, right?

Between the madness and mayhem, I actually did manage to keep my job, so that’s a good thing. But just to throw a little spice into this crock of shit, I also became a full-time teacher, all thanks to my home county’s school system! The best part? I teach for free. The good news is we haven’t had any technical difficulties because I was smart enough to opt out of using school-supplied shit laptops and let my daughter use our own. But truth is home schooling has had many challenges, one of them becoming what seems to be the new normal for my household. Almost every other day I get a message about my daughter’s camera not being on, even though she sits a foot away from me in our home office, where I’m watching her be 100% present and attentive at all times. This all day long close proximity has resulted in more communications with my daughter’s teachers than I’ve had in the past two years combined! Great fun.

So I know what you’re thinking now. Oh! You’re able to work from home while homeschooling, eh? And you’re bitching? How about be grateful you have a job and a spare laptop? Fuck that, have you tried working from home and home schooling, all while dealing with heartbreak?! Yeah that’s me, and this shit hurts! Now I know I’m not the only person here dealing with a broken heart, but still, for those who don’t know, during these days? These ‘rona days? It’s been tough. And yeah, I’m a bit salty. I mean shit, we’ve all heard the reports of domestic violence going up within the first week of quarantine, and how it’s still a problem. Me? Some “domestic violence” would be welcome!

I moved twice during this pandemic. This last time, the home I thought I built turned out to just be a ho + me. We were scuffling a bit, sure, and so I broke off my engagement to work some kinks out, but guess what? Within 48 hours I discovered I was cheated on..

Now I know I’m no Cardi B or Beyoncé but at least they get to cry in their mansions and luxurious cars, or on a beach at Saint Tropez. My broke ass has to cry on my work breaks instead, or before I go to sleep. While I could (and man do I want to) curse this other man out (and so much more), I understand the best thing I can do is give myself peace. Peace with myself knowing I tried damn near everything. As Jhene Aikio would say, “ H.O.E “ - happiness over everything and it means everything. Thinking more of me, YES ME, and not “why me?” That’s what keeps me going.

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