"Women Life Freedom" Change Is Coming To Iran

Iran once known as Persia is one of the oldest and long ago most advanced civilizations the world has ever seen. All the way up to 1979 it too was considered as one of the beautiful places to experience a life of free thinking and enjoyed the expression of all cultures.
Today, only 43 years since the dictator ascension, that image is so far removed from the minds of almost the entire world. Where once tolerance and acceptance was the catapult of their innovation and dreams, it has been replaced with isolation and authoritarianism. Assassinations of what would of been freedom loving new leaders occurred one after the other. Politics resistance has rung there several times almost decade after decade. Only to see those would be leaders uprooted and killed by totalitarian regimes desperately seeking to hold on to power for their own lustful consumption. To do this they have not only had to cut nation off from the world but also divide their own population by establishing gender specific laws to control their people's way of life and more purposefully the way they experience life with one another. One must be less to empower the other, if only in the mind. A very old play that had been implemented even here in the United States and to a lesser degree is still being played by the greedy and powerful. The old method of divide and conquer. Dictator after dictator understood, if they rise up, simply do away with the threat of their regimes existence but killing that movements leader. A plan that has worked quite effectively. It's another old move and one etched in the Persian history, "cut the head of the snake and the body will die". Unfortunately, they have done this with much success.
However, this is why I'm quite excited about today's current situation occurring within Iran. While the head of the snake is crucial to most movements, there is another line that follows, "cut the head of the snake and three more will grow". Today in Iran it feels like this proverb is happening right before our eyes.

For those that are unaware of what is now going on in Iran. There has been a serious uprising within the streets and public arenas for weeks now in Iran. While this appears to have begun with a women who broke a law of not properly wearing a head covering that ended up being killed in the custody of the moral police. However, this tension has be brewing for decades now. My excitement of what has unfolded is not the constant unjustifiable killing of people standing up. No not at all. But what this has made me realize, is that currently there is no one single leader in this movement. There is no one person this regime can simply assassinate to remove or stop this movement. This is truly all 30 million Iranian women united together against their oppressor regime and now with the support of many Iranian men.
They have the resolve and the numbers to actually win their freedom and hopefully begin to restore their great legacy. We spoke with one such lady. She asked for us to help bring light to their cause and turmoil. We gladly accepted without hesitation. We did however ask her to give us her thoughts on the matter, believing her passion would not only come across better but would help encourage her sisters and brothers to continue fighting and standing up against such an enemy of humanity. Here is what she gave us, unfiltered and full of Persian Passion:

Be the voice of “Woman, Life, Freedom”
(The biggest fight for women's freedom is happening right now in Iran)
On September 16, 2022, Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman has been murdered brutally by the Morality Police of Iran, because she was not wearing what the Iran’s Islamic Regime calls Proper Hijab.
Her death turned into a massive national protest, against the corrupted and oppressive regime of Iran. A Dictatorship that is ruling the country under terror in the name of Islam over four decades.

They took the students and professors at the best university of Iran, Sanati Sharif, as hostage for a night and arrested the most elite students of Iran which are all considered as geniuses and all of them after graduation have job offers from NASA and other high end technology companies all over the world.
This is not the first time Iranian people are the victim of the Regime’s barbarian oppression and every time people come to the streets to ask for their rights, they face government’s gun shooting, electrical shocker, tear gas and massive arrests including Elites, Students, Singers, Actors, Athletes and underage kids. They also throttled the internet service in the whole country.
However, this time despite all these cruelties, people are persistent to achieve their demands, which is now the change of the whole regime. Iranian Women are the most educated women in the whole middle east. Over seventy percent of the universities in Iran are occupied by women. As a woman born and raised in Iran, I have witnessed and participated in so many feminist Protests and Men were mostly never so supportive. However this time men are fighting alongside with women even in very religious and traditional cities of Iran with a very beautiful slogan of “Woman, Life, Freedom”

Decades of economical and social pressures and millions of dollars embezzlement of the heads of the Regime led People not desisting from their demands. As up to this current time a long list of celebrities have joined the movement such as U2, Jenifer Aniston,
Charlize throne, Ellen DeGeneres, and so many others. Women in Iran in a symbolic movement are cutting their hair off and they are setting their hair scarfs on fire. Which has become a symbolic movement all over the world for women who are fighting for their rights. Juliette Binoche published a story in her social media cutting her hair off to show her support of Iranian women movement. The biggest fight for freedom and feminism is happening in Iran now. Women and Men and even young kids at schools are fighting against one of the biggest and the most dangerous dictatorships of all times, with the most peaceful slogans of “Woman, Life, Freedom” and with no weapons and empty handed.

So far in almost two weeks, more than hundreds of people (the government is hiding the exact number of dead people) , mostly very young women and children have been slaughtered by the regime and they don’t even give the dead bodies to their families to bury them with respect, and as the internet is restricted in Iran, its on us all, who live in free countries to be their voice and share the hashtag of Mahsa_Amini which has been exceeded 297 million times all over the social media.
This is about all women, all over the world and human civil rights, that we are fighting for. Freedom of choice. Freedom of life.
The world should know, whatever we wear, whatever is our religion and whatever sexual orientation we have, we deserve to live our life with dignity and respect.
Women in Iran, in fact women all around the world have been fighting for centuries, to obtain the very natural rights of every human to live free, this is for the victory of “Woman, Life, Freedom”.

And to the Iranian government officials and Ebrahim Raisi we remind you of the game you play. It can be and often is played both ways. We will leave you with two African Proverbs. "In the Kingdom of the Blind, the one eyed man is King" in this case the one eyes women. The other, "No man rules forever, on the Throne of Time".

And to the Women and Men of Iran, Be Strong and of Great Courage. Pull on the strength of your ancestors. A legacy which history bares witness to. You are all now collectively, that one leader. Not one in body but many in one spirit. In life there are only a few things worth fighting for. Dignity, Self Respect, Family are of the highest in that list. So high on that list, that even God has intervened during those injustices. We stand with you, be brave for your future and that of your children's children. We love and salute you. #Mahsa_Amini

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